December 15, 2021
Q&A 054

🙊 T.H.I.N.K.

In our bathroom, there is a small note on the wall that reads:

"Think before you speak:

Is it ... True?

Is it ... Helpful?

Is it ... Inspiring?

Is it ... Necessary?

Is it ... Kind?"

There won't be a lot of people that will disagree with this. Still, I observe a lot of conversations and discussions could benefit from applying this simple technique more frequently.

However, the trick is how to actually apply it. In the heat of the moment, being confronted with a new situation, a surprise or something exciting, will often make you forget about these guidelines and instill a spontaneous reaction. Moreover, how does this reconcile with trusting and following your gut?

Taking a couple of seconds to actually think before you speak is a great starter. Next practice is to not think too long to leave ample room for your gut, intuition and creativity to keep its influence on your response. Think before you speak and if it takes too long, just keep quiet and capture another moment with your brilliant insight. Spontaneity is admirable as well. Let's not lose it.