November 24, 2021
Q&A 051

✅ Yes

Last week we explored naps as an exercise of going with the flow, listening to your impulses. While recognizing subtle internal impulses might take some practice, there are also other stimuli that you can practice responding to. Every opportunity that arises around you either makes you run with it or run from it.

Most people have a tendency to say 'no' to the vast majority of opportunities when they arise. Especially when the opportunity is outside of their normal routine. Whether it's playing a game with your kids or going to the theatre last-minute, our initial reaction is often one of hesitation or sticking to the routine you had planned out for yourself.

Some time ago, a friend of mine mentioned that he was practicing saying 'yes' as a default answer more often, and liked the results this gave him. This conversation led us to the Jim Carrey movie 'Yes Man'.

While seemingly a cookie cutter Hollywood comedy, the movie felt like a grand philosophical experiment to me. This is likely because Jim Carrey selected the script and has been known to love humour with deep layers underneath. Carrey's character is forced to say 'yes' to any question he is given, and the universe surprisingly rewards him for the practice.

Discussing the subject of 'going with the flow' with someone else, she brought up the book 'The Surrender Experiment' which I have not read myself, but made a lasting impression on her. I think I'll experiment with saying 'yes' more often myself.